Are you a 'photographer'?
When finished, add up the point total:
NO or
Partly or
YES or
= 1
= 2
= 3

Size of Camera - point&shoot (1), DSLR (2) or Full-Frame DSLR (3)

Read the Manual  - Take it with me
I use the card over and over, shoot low quality to save space (1)
Use the best resolution setting (3)
Understand Exposure Controls - ISO (ASA for Film)
Use aperature settings for depth of field
Use shutter settings for capturing movement
Understand White Balance and different types of light sources
Use various 'scene' settings that are available
Think carefully about each photo's composition
Take vertical shots when needed for the scene's composition
Use Flash when needed
I hold camera out in front of me with outstretched arms (1)
Can easily get my pictures loaded into my computer
Use separate image editing program such as Picasa or PS Elements
Can Adjust brightness and contrast      
Can Crop and/or resize for e-mail
Want to do more than just snapshots
Want a better camera

Want to approach photography more seriously... Shoot more varied subjets ..... such as landscapes, scenics and wildlife or flowers

Want to take very close-up photographs
Have photography books other than the manual
Have looked at fine photographer's work to help me
Have made galleries of photos on Picasa, Flickr or SmugMug

1 - 23 = You're probably not very serious - be happy!
24 - 49 You could get much more out of photography by becoming more serious.
50 - 69 - Get Serious and you may do well.
Take your photography to the next level.

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