Eleanor's PhotoBlog - Issue #31  03/14/2012

FastStone Image Viewer 4.6 Screen Captures


Edit Menu: Rotate
Steps 1 and 2: Open and Rotate the photo if necessary.

Crop Board

Edit Menu: Crop Board - Click for Larger Size
Crop as needed before Lighting and Color corrections.

Edit Menu: Resize-Resample, depending on the use intended.
Colors Menu: Adjust Levels - Histogram -Click for Larger size
Make Historam adjustments to correct for exposure problems.

Colors Menu: Adjust Lighting - Click for a larger size
Shadows, Highlights, Contrast and Saturation

Colors Menu: Adjust Colors -
Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Red, Green, Blue, Hue and Saturation

Colors Menu: Grayscale
Sharpen Blur
Colors Menu: Sharpen-Blur
File Format Options
File: Save As, Save As Options

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