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Blurb Books .... Blurb?, .... yes, BLURB or MY PUBLISHER, OR iPHOTO (for the MAC).

How fortunate I was to see a Blurb book that a member of our camera club had made of her wedding and honeymoon photos. For years, besides putting selected photos on this website, I have been making 4 x 6 prints for many, many photo albums. Now the choice is even better. Here are the covers of the five Blurb books I have made. (Click for a larger size.)

Trip to Moab, May 2007
Scenic Workshop, March 2006
Fall Colors 2007
Wales Photoshoot
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Several BOOK sizes to choose from, reasonable prices

May 2009 in England

My Wales Photoshoot - May

A book I made for a friend.

Now you need to visit the Blurb Book site, a company in Seattle that makes it possilbe for us to "self-publish". The quality of the reproductions of your photos will, of course, be determined by the quality of the images you upload to their site. I have been very pleased. You have a number of choices for the size of your book and whether you want a 'soft' cover or a' hard' cover - - go for the hard cover, it's printed on very nice glossy paper! There are plenty of styles from which to choose and a number of templates for the pages. With most of the products you will work from downloaded FREE software to build your book. When you are finished you upload the whole project to Blurb or My Publisher or iPhoto's book site.

Even though all of these sites offer plenty of tips and tutorials, I think that you will learn much more quickly when you watch me demonstrate how to construct a book on my laptop computer (with 22" monitor to watch). I will also talk about how to prepare, organize and optimize the photos you want to include. To learn more and/or join my class. Call me: 509-548-5308   Eleanor