*** = Highly Recommended         
Also find

G = General   B = Beginner  I = Intermediate   A = Advanced

Purchasing a Digital Camera

Digital Camera Buying Guide: Part 5 ... the first 4 parts are linked from that page.
There is a lot of basic camera information there, as well. G


Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2 by Rob Sheppard,
'Outdoor Photographer' magazine writer. *** G - a must read!

Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers by the same author, is a great companion book. *** A
Purchase both of these books at the same time from Amazon and save.

John Shaw's Photoshop eBook *** - updated and revised. I

6 great books by John Shaw - always worthwhile collecting and reading. G

Photographer's Photoshop CS2 Companion by Mark Johnson ... an eBook. *** I

Digital Outback E-Books by Uwe Steinmueller. I

Glen Canyon - Images of a Lost World by Tad Nichols. If you have an interest in fine B & W photographs and/or this 'lost canyon' I strongly recommend this book. See amazon's Editorial Review. 

Basic Photography Skills

Michael Freeman's The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, 2nd Edition : Completely Revised and Updated (A Lark Photography Book) (Paperback) G

Digital Cameras - A beginner's guide a must read for everyone. *** G

Understanding the Histogram by Vince Bockaert A must for beginners.

123di.com by Vince Bockaert - Covers all aspects of digital photography from
selecting a camera, understanding the settings, to
enhancing, storing, sharing, and printing your images!
Download a Free demo! I have this DVD and it is excellent. All Levels

Cropping and Framing: How, When, and Where Part I   by George Barr 

General Image Editing

Paint Shop Pro Album 4 article for image editing beginners. Now there is version 6

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
You simply don't need the full very expensive version of Photoshop!   

Recommended Programs

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom no laonger in beta.

See my Photoblog Issue 16 for many resources

Good Resource page from NAPP's Scott Kelby
To get started with this program I've found a great .pdf file from the link just above
DEVELOP ... making serious adjustments   Read and/or print this free chapter and you'll be well on your way to understanding how all the sliders work.

Many more videos from Scott Kelby at Photoshop User


Ulead's Photo Explorer I have used this for years to view thumbnail and large versions of my photos and especially to print out the thumbnails. A little editing is possible as well.
Learn More Try the FREE TRIAL! ***

For those of you with Canon cameras you have a great 'utility' program that came on the software disk with your camera. It's called ZoomBrowser EX and there are super features. There are a number of ways to view the images... very nice!
Screen shot - notice the useful Histogram!

You don't need the full version of Photoshop!! Why spend too much money on all sorts of capabilities that you will never use!

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5   And there's a trial version. Review from DP Review

Corel's Paint Shop Pro I strongly contend that you don't need Photoshop at all (although I have it and do use it). Paint Shop Pro is much more intuitive, especially if you setup a Custom Tool Bar for your workflow.

Tonality Tuning PS plugin from Outback Photo. The photo examples are terrible but the plug-in is great. There is a demo version. I & A

Software plug-ins for Photoshop by Fred Miranda I & A
DRI - solution to increase dynamic range by blending two images shot at different exposures. See this page on my site for an example.
Digital Infrared Emulation, Velvia Vision and BW Workflow Pro are others to explore.

Photoshop Resources

Photoshop In Focus top new features of CS2. I & A

Radiant Vista - especially see the Video and PDF tutorials. 'Community' is interesting if you have the time! Black and White Magic is good (PDF) You can spend a lot of time in this site.I have added a whole new page about this fine resource.

Photoshop How-To: It's All There In Black and White A

Merge to HDR in Photoshop CS2  - Michael Reichmann I & A

Photoshop Tutorials from Lynda.com  (Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS2 by Chris Orwig) From the movie library, many are FREE examples *** I & A

"Tonality and Colors in Photoshop and Raw Converters" Essay by Uwe Steinmueller.
I & A

Sharpen Photos Smartly from CreativePro - an excellent site to explore. G

Computer-Darkroom  - a real 'find'! Reviews, Previews, Tutorials and Essays.
I found it when researching Adobe Lightroom.

Printing Resources

Photography How-to: Printing Black and White Images

Paper Recommendations for Epson's UltraChrome Printers

Adobe Photoshop Printing - Quicktime movies.

Color Management Tools and Utilities from Dry Creek Photo (Digital Imaging Resources for Photographers by Photographers.

See Test Images on this page a Zip file, easy to download.

Get Great Photos from Desktop Printers: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 


From George Barr: (also be sure to see his Colour Gallery - below)
The Challenge of Digital Black and White I & A
Part #1 - The Camera
Part #2 - Editing Your Image
Part #3 - Dodging, Burning and Sharpening
Part #4 - Prints

UTAH 2005 Photoshoot Image Workflow Using Corel's Paint Shop Pro - new version 10  by Eleanor Culling.

Web Browser Color Management Tutorial
and: COLOR MANAGEMENT Photoshop Basic Theory I & A

Monitor Calibration

Colour Management Articles - Excellent, but technical! A

Color Management for Photographers

Image Sharpening by Jeff Schewe - PDF file  
Very thorough! "Jeff Schewe is a Photoshop Guru's Guru."

Landscape Composition Rules The examples are paintings, not photographs but the concepts are the same ... plenty of examples to think about.

Newsletters & Articles & Podcasts

TimGrey.com  Check out his articles and join his popular DDQ e-mail service, sent almost every day and very worthwhile.
Example article: Understanding Unsharp Mask

High Pass Filter by John Shaw - there are many other fine articles on Joe Van Os' Photo Safari site. This site is always very slow to load .. but worthwhile! I

Photographic insite about many subjects can be found in Alain Briot's Essays, Articles and Reviews. Although I wasn't happy with his Navajoland Photo Workshop, I am inspired by his thinking!! General - excellent

Alain Briot's Thoughts & Photographs + Craft and Techniques, Essay Series *** Over 40 different articles. You should spend hours here! For Everyone

The Digital Landscape by Moose Peterson. I & A

Podcast Resoures supplied by Landon.

Creating Efficient Workspaces in Photoshop (PDF Format)

Road Warrior Gear by John Shaw

Archived Photo Articles from Joe Van Os Photo Safaris - at least 50

Great Photography Websites

These three sites are outstanding and you should explore them thoroughly. The home pages for Luminous Landscape and Outback Photo are 'portal' pages, crammed full of useful info. if you can get through the busy interface. Spend hours exploring them all.

Beautiful Landscape  Alain Briot - many excellent articles and essays. ***

The Luminous Landscape  Michael Reichmann ***

Outback Photo  Uwe Steinmueller ***

Ansel Adams Wonderful images I've never seen before!

Outstanding Photo Galleries

Joseph Holmes Gallery: Natural Light Photography - inspiration!

Cambridge Gallery See also Viewing Advice   - a good check for your monitor settings. Sean McHugh

Max Lyons Digital Image Gallery  Interesting style panoramas, especially his new shots from New Zealand. Includes shooting info.

George Barr Fine Art Photography - where the Image is Everything! Click on the 'slideshow on the far right side, sit back and enjoy a full screen show of 89 images.

doubleexposure - photos to inspire from photoworkshop.com
Sign up for their newsletter.

John Shaw Photography especially the galleries ***

Online Galleries by Alain Briot

PhotoTripUSA Showcase of SW photos by many wonderful photographers.
Be sure to see the work of Laurent Martres

Laurent Martres - Land of the Canyons and Photographing the Southwest. Be sure to view New, Unsorted Work. His books are outstanding.

Members Websites

Please send me an e-mail with
the info. about your site.

Panorama-Plus-Photography  by Bill Epoch

Best Kept Secret by Landon Michaelson

Northwest Reflections Photography  by David J. Forster

Eleanor's Travels  by Eleanor T. Culling

Roy Lutz Photography

Member Galleries on the PAW site.   Excellent work by Peter Bauer, Harry Brink, David Forster, Marshall Mahler and Landon Michaelson

Photography Workshops and Seminars

Joe Van Os Photo Safaris Excellent but expensive. They take care of everyting. Good articles etc. on this site as well. John Shaw often teaches for them.

Photography Workshops with Alain & Natalie Briot (Call me before you consider these.) Be sure to visit Alain's site: Beautiful Landscape 

Digital Landscape Workshop Series with Moose Peterson.

Barry Haynes Photography - Digital Printmaking and other interesting workshops up in Gibsons B.C. Also view info. about his latest book 'Photoshop Artistry'. 

Digital Imaging Classes for Nature Photographers offered by Joe Van Os Photo Safaris. 

Photographing in the Southwest

Travel Guides for Photographers well written and inexpensive.

PhotoTripUSA - both excellent - Books and CD's beautifuuly produced.

Resources for the American Southwest  from PhotoTripUSA - a wide variety of galleries.

Eleanor's Articles and Tutorials

I recommend that you write down facts about your photographic style. Use this as an example.

Eleanor's Travels Home Page

My Photoblog

Intro. to Stereo Photography

Many Suggested Programs including Panorama Factory.

Suggested Resources for web developers

Blending Photos with Paint Shop Pro I & A

Cropping Possibilities   G Do you always shoot horizontal shots?

Using Photoshop's Color Range Command I & A

Using an Epson PictureMate Printer and Paint Shop Pro Excellent 4 x 6 prints at a reasonable cost.

UTAH 2005 Photoshoot Image Workflow and
Using Corel's Paint Shop Pro - new version 10

Calf Creek Trail - Escalante-Grand Staircase
Click on each for a larger version.
(an infared Photoshop filter applied)

Paint Shop Pro Album 4 - Article for image editing beginners. Now there is version 6