Best Credit Cards in 2017

Credit cards are a major part of first world culture. People are constantly purchasing until the card is full, paying off the bill, and repeating this process. However, the struggle to get consumers to apply for one credit card over another is a battle of incentive. The consumer will apply for the credit card that gives them the most rewards for using the card. Here is a list of the credit card companies that provide the consumer with the most useful incentives.

  1. Capital One Venture Rewards

    This card waives the annual fee for the first year and your rewards never expire. While the interest rate is comparable to most credit cards with a variable APR between thirteen and twenty-four percent, Capital One has captured the attention of frequent flyers. This is the best credit card for a frequent flyer. Capital One will reward you with 40,000 bonus miles once you spend your first three-thousand dollars. Also, using this card rewards you with 2 miles for every dollar you spend using the credit card. Lastly, this card can be used anywhere online.

  2. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

    Chase rewards the consumer with forty-thousand rewards points if you spend four-thousand dollars with this card in the first three months of opening an account. You will also be rewarded five-thousand points for making your first purchase in the first three months. Like Capital One, this card offers twice the rewards points for every dollar spent. This card also offers primary car rental insurance which covers damaged or stolen rental cars. However, the interest rate is comparable to Citi.

  3. Citi Double Cash Card

    This card not only rewards the consumer with twice the points for every dollar, but also adds an additional one percent as you pay off your purchases. This card also offers zero percent interest for the first eighteen months. After the first eighteen months, the interest rate becomes comparablhe to the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

  4. Discover it Card

    This card will draw in the consumer by offering five percent cash back on all purchases. Discover will also match, dollar for dollar, all of the cash back that you earn in your first year. As well, your rewards points do not ever expire. Discover waives the annoying annual fee for all years and also does not increase your interest rate upon submitting late payments.

  5. BankAmericard

    Like the Discover it card, BankAmericard eliminates the annual fee. Their cash back program offers one percent cashback on every purchase, two percent at certain grocery stores, and three percent on gas. Whether or not this is a more advantageous system depends on the person. BankAmericard is set apart by offering a cash reward of over one hundred dollars after spending five hundred dollars during the first two months after receiving the card.

  6. There are many credit cards to choose from. Each card has advantages and disadvantages that can sway a consumer or make them run for the hills. One thing is for sure, the card that supplies the most useful incentives and rewards will win the consumer.