Australia - October 2006
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Unusual rock Formations

Unusual Rock Formations

As many of my travel site viewers know, I am fascinated by interesting rock formations. I'm addicted to them, I guess. So I decided to start off with this collection.

I traveled to Australia again for the month of October to further explore the Kimberley region of the state of Western Australia. I have been there before in 2004 but hadn't seem the famous Gibb River Road that stretches for hundreds of kilometers between Broome and Kunnanara. See this map.

More information about the trip can be found here.

Aboriginal Rock Arrt

Aboriginal Rock Art

After two past trips to Australia, I made it a point to capture as many examples of Aboriginal rock art as I could. Luckily both tours featured hikes to view these interesting, extremely old examples.

Here's a good article for more information. And here's another, with some of the same photos. Google 'Australia Aboriginal Rock Art'.

Flightseeing Flightseeing and exploring the Mitchell Plateau in the far NW corner of the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Luckily, for photographic reasons the helicopters had no doors. I was able to shoot almost straight down. Also... I was cooler for 30 minutes! After a bit of hiking around at the top of the plateau we flew out over the end of the peninsula and back along the Mitchell River.
Cathedral Gorge

Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles (Purunululu N. P.)

Also begin here for the same hike in 2004.

Bungle Bungle Flight

Flightseeing over the Bungle Bungles 2006 This was done in a small helicopter with NO doors, which was great for photography!

The flight from Kununarra to the Bungles in 2004

Here is specific information about the 'adventure' I was on.
13 Day Kimberley Complete with APTouring

Geikie Gorge

Geikie Gorge - Day 13 of the above trip.

My 2004 photos of the same trip.


Miscellaneous Left-overs

I usually shoot groups of photos so that I can make up these various galleries or slideshows. but there are always a bunch of left-overs that don't make a logical grouping. I've added a few more captions than I usually do also.

The Great Ocen Road - revisited. I had visited this area back in March of 2005. It was wonderful to go there again ... a photographer's heaven. That pile of rocks in the lower left fell in about a year ago, so the scene is not nearly as photogenic!
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