Australia - March 2005
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Wilson's Promontory - N.P.

This peninsula is located to the south east of Melbourne
and, of course, I was drawn there because I had
previously seen photos of the very interesting
rock formations. Better weather would have
been appreciated.

The Painted Loo

This toilet complex was found at a surfing beach
along the Great Ocean Road south west of Melbourne.

Otway Fly - Tree Top Walk

Having visited a Tree Top Walk several years ago in
Tasmania, I was pleasantly pleased to find this one inland
from the Great Ocean Road.
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The Great Ocean Road

A friend from Auckland N.Z. and I spent 5 days in this exciting area.
Put coastline scenes together with rock formations
and I'm in my glory. Again, better weather would have helped!
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Geelong, Victoria - Foreshore

On our way back to Melbourne we drove to the foreshore
of the city of Geelong to find these delightful figures.

Valley of the Giants

By now I've flown to Perth to join an AATKings tour
of the southwest corner of the state
of Western Australia. There was another
Tree Top Walk there to fascinate me.
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The Gap near Albany, Western Australia

Again, more coastline to view and interesting rock
formations. Another grey day, though.

Cape Le Grand, Western Austraila

Ah, a much better day and more, different rock formations.
Cape Le Grande is located near Esperance on the south coast
and the Southern Ocean.
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York, Western Australia

York is a small town located not too far from Perth.
We visited there late one Saturday afternoon and it was sad
to find everything all closed up for the day. I guess they aren't
officially a 'tourist' town.
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Miscellaneous Photos
Marsupials, birds, lighthouses
signs, more 'loo' art, a koala and quokkas!