How to Make Money by Travelling Full Time

If you dream of traveling around your state, country or even the world, then it is time to stop dreaming and start making it a reality by working while traveling. There are many ways to earn money while traveling, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Become an Expert

You already have skills that are admired by your friends, so promote yourself as an expert in those areas. The Association for Coaching says that the first step is to know yourself and the business world. Then, seek advice from others before developing your elevator speech asking for contacts. Once you get started, you can see the world by seeking contacts in different geographical areas. Cruise ships are often looking for experts that serve as guest lecturers on trips to many different locations.


Numerous campgrounds are looking for people willing to trade a few hours of work for an RV spot. While a few positions may require special skills, many require just the willingness to be friendly to other campers. Workvamping Reviews list available positions along with reviews from people who have worked in many different locations.


Many people wanting to travel find that they can keep their current position by telecommuting. Many employers are willing to consider these arrangements because it helps them hold on to loyal employees who are already doing a great job. A study from the University of Texas at Austin even shows that employees who telecommute are more productive. Therefore, if you want to travel full time, talk to your current employer about telecommuting possibilities within your current company.

Seek a Sponsor

Numerous people have gained sponsorships from corporations to pay for them to travel. Many people discover that traveling full time becomes affordable when they blog about their adventures around the world giving credit to hotels and restaurants who help them along the way. Start by discovering who owns the property where you want to stay or eat. Then, email them directly.

Travel Slowly

Others choose to travel at a slower pace while working regular jobs in many different localities. For example, Daniel Seddiqui visited each state by working jobs in each one allowing him to earn the money to move on to the next. He caught lobsters in Maine, taught surfing in Hawaii and sorted grapes in California. Many people travel slowly by staying in Salvation Army housing or other shelters.

Become a Travel Group Leader

Numerous groups are looking for travel leaders to lead adventures around the globe. Some companies expect you to recruit people to follow you on your trip while others do the participant recruiting for you. In most cases, you do not have to be an expert on the area, but you must be outgoing and willing to learn.

There are many different ways to make your living while traveling. Some people choose to become experts booking themselves as business coaches. Others choose to work in campgrounds or to telecommute. Still others choose to work normal jobs while seeing the world at a slower pace. Finally, those who love adventure often lead groups around the globe.